Just a rant

Today I wrote a whole 1000 word post and then saved it as a draft… I don’t know if I will publish it ever, because maybe tomorrow I read this ranting and decide that it is too bitter and not funny at all.
Soon I will have more drafts that published posts. But as I promised – I will post something every week, whether I have something to say, or not. This week there is a lot that I would like to say and none of it suitable for public space.

It is just one of those days when I once again question my decision to live in Greece. Sure, it is beautiful and I feel really really happy here. But some aspects of the Greek culture are just so so SO difficult to adjust with. The Greeks are like little emotionally unstable kids. They are so happy one moment, so angry the next moment and so unpredictable. Their moods depend on weather, caffeine, nicotine, grandmother’s health, hormones and random encounters. They want everything and they want it now, but what that everything is, that is yet to be defined.
I have learned to manage my own Greek’s mood swings and he is more mature in so many ways than most people I have ever met in what ever country. But there are a whole lot of other Greeks in my life and while I like all of them, I will never understand the fickle Greek mind..
Tomorrow is another day and maybe next weeks post actually has some content..