Imagine an honest world

Maybe a year or so my boyfriend introduced me to an interesting French movie La Belle Verte. This movie is a very captivating and different approach to sci-fi. It shows a civilization on a small planet that lives a simple lifestyle and is so much more developed in many ways than the people on Earth. Every few hundred years a volunteer from that planet travels to Earth. In the movie, the woman who travels to Earth has an ability to influence people around her in a way, that they suddenly can not lie any more. They have to speak the clear and honest truth. Not only with people around them but with themselves too. Suddenly they can not continue to deceive themselves or anyone else.

I first started to think of this movie, because recently we have been joking that my dear L. is from another planet. He tells me stories about life on “his planet” and I find reasons that “prove”, he is not from here.
He has so many personal qualities that most people are still struggling to find. It is almost like he comes from another, more advanced civilization. On the other hand he sometimes struggles himself with fairly simple and straightforward matter-of-fact things in life.

Thinking of the movie La Belle Verte brought a thought to my head. It is no secret that we live in a world of smiling lies and suppressed feelings. We tell lies every day. Sometimes small and white, sometimes bigger and darker. And most of all, we deceive ourselves all the time. We don’t honour our needs because we lie to ourselves that these don’t matter. We lie because we want to spare other people’s feelings, to keep our job, our relationships, our identity and ego. Not telling the truth is also a form of lying. We run from the truth every time, it is uncomfortable or painful. We surround ourselves with a wall of small lies so that the big truths could not get in. We protect our identity and ego by holding on to the lies and the pain.

What if one day we were physically unable to tell a lie. Big or small, white or black? What if everyone started to tell the brutal honest truth about what they think and feel? Always. Every time. What would happen?

First it would probably be a chaos. Fighting, crying, arguing and maybe even suicides. Then would come a huge relief. We don’t have to think, what others may be thinking of – they will tell us. We start asking for things that we really want. We leave relationships that don’t work any more and create new ones. We find a job, where we can be truly and honestly happy. We are free.
Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Brutal and merciless honesty with yourself is an absolutely necessary basis for any kind of self growth and development. It is by far not easy. But it will set you free.

So when was the last time you lied to yourself or anyone around you? And how could you change yourself or your life in a way, that you don’t have to tell this lie the next time?