In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. Martin Luther King Jr.

I have been keeping a fairly low profile on political issues. I don’t like senseless conflict and the clash of world views will bring a conflict, whether I want it, or not. But sometimes you just can not stay silent any longer.
When you see how people around you close their eyes to human values and form a screaming mob of which-hunters. “Refugees! Moslems! Terrorists!”. They spread the most outrageous nasty dirty lies that have been carefully and knowingly constructed and fed to them on the spoon of fears and ego-boosting.
When you see seemingly intelligent public figures spreading hatred and extremist propaganda.
When you see, that this whole carousel is so crazy, that you start feeling nauseous and you want to stop the world from spinning, so you could step off.

I have been living in my own little beautiful bubble here. My friends collect donations, to aid the islands, struggling with the refugees or go even to volunteer there. My friends post beautiful messages on hope and light in FB. They find ways to be the good change in the world, that they want to see. I get the feeling that everybody understands that violence IS NOT the answer to violence. You can not fight fire with fire. You can fight it with the opposite (water), or stop feeding it. Adding more fuel will never help. The rise of hatred and fear can only be put out with the “water” of understanding and compassion. And we stop feeding the violence, when we stop sending the troops to bomb the crap out of other countries.

But when I look outside of that beautiful bubble of “my tribe”, I realize that I can not watch in silence, when people spread hatred and violence. We live in a time of great change and it can go either way… If enough people with a heart and soul are quiet, then those who are organizing a modern-day which hunt can continue their atrocities. We have to speak up to protect the basic human values. At the end of the day the race, religion or background does not matter. Under those labels we are all the same people.

Strong political forces do not want us to see that though. Neither USA nor Russia really want to see a unified Europe. Because that would be one more strong leader in the world, where there already is too many..
I believe that USA and Russia both are knowingly contributing to destabilize Europe. This is not about Muslims. ISIS is just another creation of the powerful political forces. It’s a puppet. This is about breaking Europe to little pieces and then swallowing them one-by-one. Another Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact in the making?
They create a threat of “those Muslims” and we take the bait. We blame “those Muslims”, when in reality terrorism has no religion. What it does have, is a sinister motive of spreading fear and creating people who feel alone, scared and are therefore easily manipulated.

Those wars and the resulting migrant crisis has been created knowingly to tear people apart. To weaken the bonds of communities by sowing fear and hatred. Simple people do not care, what is the colour of the skin or mother tongue of your neighbour. As long as they are generally nice. History has shown that over and over again. How many people in Estonia today have wonderful friends, neighbours and colleagues, whose mother tongue is Russian? Almost everybody! The Greeks, Turks and Albanians were living quite peacefully side by side in many regions until the political forces decided to violently change that. Because people, unified by friendship, are harder to manipulate.

Peaceful world is not a profitable world. First we sell them billions of dollars worth of weapons and train them to use them. Then we pretend to turn against them and start bombing the crap out of as many cities as possible. And then we offer those same countries a “friendly” price to rebuild the same shit that we just demolished. Wonderful business plan, isn’t it? Fear sells! It sells guns, walls, bullet-proof cars and even lives.

I understand, that by reacting with anger to all this, I do exactly the same – I feed the fire. I need to find the compassion and understanding towards those, who are still stuck in the prison of their own fears.

The truth is, I am scared too!
I am scared that when I visit Tallinn with my dear Greek man in December, he will have to bear the insults and verbal abuse from those, who are influenced by the right-extremist propaganda. I have never experienced any discrimination in Greece. But if he will experience it in Estonia, I would rather make Greece my new home country for good, than live with the fear that the people, that I love, are not safe from racist violence.

When expressing those fears to him, he reminds me that I have to choose my agenda and not let the media do it for me. If I buy into the fear, I will find, what I am looking for. I need to stay focused and present. I need to keep looking for the beauty and love in life, then I will keep on finding it. Bad things are happening in the whole world. But good things are happening too, at the same time. Where do you focus?


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